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Searching Records

    From the Main Menu:

  • Click 'Query / Filter Records'

  • Click in the field you wish to search on

  • Type in the text to match

  • If you want to match only SOME text in a field (e.g. all documents with an author named Smith) surround the text with asterisks (e.g. *Smith*). · If you want an EXACT text match type in the text exactly without asterisks.


1.) If you want to find records that meet an AND criteria (e.g. author named Smith and year of 2000) fill out fields on the same form.

2.) If you want to find records that meet an OR criteria (e.g. author named Smith or year of 2000) fill out the first field on the first form, then click on the 'OR' tab at the bottom to get a second form and fill out the second field. This can be repeated as many times as needed. (e.g. author named Smith or year of 2000 or document type is Journal)

3.) Any combination of AND and OR searches may be used.

  • After filling out the search form completely click the ëApply Filterí button in the top toolbar.

  • You will be prompted to 'Save As Query' with a Query Name of 'Query1'

  • Click OK. If you enter any other name in this box you will not get a valid search.


If you get an error that says "Couldnít find object Query1" click 'OK', then ëHalt.í Go to the File Menu and select 'Save As Query'. When prompted for a Query Name enter 'Query1' (no spaces!) which should be the default. Then click the 'Apply Filter' button.

  • You can now look at all the records that met your search criteria. At the bottom of the form you will see a listing of how many records were found followed by the text '(filtered)'.

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To print out a report listing for the records returned from the search:

  • Click one of the Print Preview buttons at the bottom of the search form


1.) If you used the Author field to search you MUST press a button on the top line (Filters Using Author Field).

2.) If you did NOT use the Author filed to search you MUST press a button on the bottom line (Filters NOT Using Author Field)

3.) ëShow Bibliographyí shows all data that would normally appear in a bibliography in as close to the same format as the database will allow.

4.)ëShow Short Reportí gives the Author, Title, Year of the document and states whether it is available at MIT and whether data is available.

5.)'Show Full Report' shows all of the fields for each record.

  • After clicking a Print Preview button you will see a preview of what the report looks like. To print out the report press the Print Button in the middle of the toolbar.

  • To close the print preview window press the 'Close' button in the toolbar.

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To start a new search:

  • Click on the 'New Search' button in the toolbar.

  • If you wish to clear the old search criteria completely click on the 'Clear Filter' button in the toolbar. Otherwise you can edit the old search criteria directly.

  • Click on 'Apply Filter' to search records.

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To close the search window and return to the Main Menu:

  • Click on 'Close Search Window' in the toolbar.


All fields have been locked to prevent any changes from being made to the database during the search process. If you need to edit records you must close the search window and go to 'Add / Edit Records' from the main menu.

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Viewing Reports

    From the Main Menu:

  • Click on 'View Reports'

  • Click on the report you wish to view

  • The Bibliography, Short, and Full Reports are the same as described in Searching Records section.

  • The Key Word Listing and Geo Code Listing are listings of all the keywords and geocodes used in the database and make a handy reference for data entry and searching.

  • Click the Print Button to print the report.

  • To close the print preview window click on the 'Close' button.

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To return to the Main Menu:

  • Click on 'Return to Main Menu' in the menu box.

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