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Publications from MITSG Coastal Resources:

This page makes available the numerous publications from Coastal Resources at MIT Sea Grant. New publications will be made available quickly, and we will slowly add our older publications as time permits.

Summary of Symposium on the Alexandrium fundyense Red Tide of 2005. Vakalopoulos CC, Mickelson MJ, Pederson J (eds). MIT Sea Grant College Program, MITSG #06-7, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 15 p.

The Decline of Fisheries Resources in New England: Evaluating the Impact of Overfishing, Contamination, and Habitat Degradation. (web page) 2005. R. Buchsbaum, J. Pederson, W. E. Robinson (eds).

Marine Invaders in the Northeast: Rapid Assessment Survey of non-native and native marine species of floating dock communities, August 2003. 2005. J. Pederson, R. Bullock, J. Carlton, et al.

Biological Invasions - Special Issue: Marine Bioinvasions: Gaining Insights and Applying Knowledge
This special issue of the journal "Biological Invasions" (edited by Judith Pederson) is available through the publisher at: (web page)

Hitchhikers Guide to Exotic Species (1.6 Mb PDF) 2nd Edition. 2004. J. Pederson.

Third International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions (2003)
Abstracts are available here: Third International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions: Abstract Book (750 kb PFD).

Ballast Water Exchange: Exploring the Feasibility of Alternative Ballast Water Exchange Zones in the North Atlantic. (11 Mb PDF) 2003. J. Pederson, (ed).

Ballast Water Management Workshop: Regional Solutions. (2.3 Mb PFD) 2002. J. Pederson (ed).

Boston Harbor Island National Park Area: 2002 Islands Biodiversity. (6.3 Mb PDF) 2002. B. Jacobson, J. Pederson (eds).

Second International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions (2001)
Most abstracts are available here: Second International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions: Abstracts (2.0 Mb PDF)

First National Conference on Marine Bioinvasions (1999)
The conference proceedings are available here: Marine Bioinvasions: Proceedings of a Conference (326 kb PDF).
Most abstracts are available here: First National Confrerence on Marine Bioinvasions: Abstracts. (527 kb PDF)
Proceedings are available through the MIT Sea Grant publications library: MIT-W-99-004 (web page)




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